There are five bin stores across the estate, and rubbish chutes for smaller items in Manhattan and Lexington Buildings.

Bin Store Locations

If you have access to the locations you may use any of them. Bow Quarter Blondin Street residents are also encouraged to use these if their bins are full rather than leaving rubbish outside their properties.

Manhattan Bin Store (Recycling Available)

This is located in the ground level underground car park (BLUE LEVEL).

Lexington Bin Store (Recycling Available)

This is located on the ground floor level at the gable end, adjacent to Moreland Cottages, and is accessed externally via a metal ramp.

Staten Bin Store (Recycling Available)

This is located beneath the Staten arch and accessed externally via a metal ramp.

Park Central Bin Store (Recycling Available)

This is located on the ground floor to the left-hand side of the main entrance.

Park West Bin Store (Recycling Available)

This is located on the ground floor to the left-hand side of the main entrance.


Smaller Items

There are rubbish chutes in Manhattan and Lexington Buildings, open from 8.30 am to 9.30 pm. Please be sensible about what you place in the chutes: anything larger than a pedal-bin sized bin-bag is unlikely to fit, and may block the chute. This happens on a regular basis, and costs money (from the service charge, and, ultimately, rent) to fix.

Please avoid putting anything sharp down the chute, as the refuse may need to be handled by contractors.

Larger Refuse 

Larger items should be taken to one of the bin stores and placed in one of the black or silver dumpsters.


Bulky Items

Bulky items can be collected by the council, who will collect up to 5 items free of charge, twice a year. Reuseable items may be collected by Homestore, who who will collect it free of charge and sell it at a low cost to those in need.

To check if your item can be reused, please call Homestore directly on 020 8519 6264 or visit

To book a council collection please call 020 7364 5004.

Once a collection has been arranged:

  • Clearly label the item/s with your building name and number and agreed collection date
  • Then place neatly in the bin store.

Further details on the LBTH website here:


There are various recycling points in the Bow Quarter, as listed above. Recycling bins are pink/purple in Tower Hamlets. 

Please only use clear bags for recycling. These are available free from the Idea Store (public library) 
1 Gladstone Place, Roman Road, E3 5ES. You will need ID and proof of residency!




Never put recycling in black bags.  The recycling collection crews will not collect any black sacks due to problems with sacks of rubbish being accidentally collected in the past.

Now we can recycle even more plastic!

Recycling in Tower Hamlets is now even easier as new materials are added to the collections. We can now recycle a wide range of types of plastic containers in our pink recycling sacks and purple bins. This includes things like:

  • Plastic pots (yoghurt pots, plastic flowerpots, and toiletry pots)
  • Plastic tubs and boxes (fruit punnets, margarine tubs, ice cream tubs, and gift packaging boxes)
  • Plastic bottles and their lids (food and drinks bottles, cleaning product bottles and toiletry bottles)

Please help to recycle everything that can be by making sure your plastic containers are empty and food is rinsed out of them.



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