This unique East London development comprises 19 town houses and 714 apartments spread across seven separate buildings, many of them historically part of the famous Bryant and May match factory.

On a site of seven acres, The Bow Quarter is set in one of London's largest communal gardens, within a secure environment.

A Grade II listed site, The Bow Quarter offers modern urban living within an historic setting - one the residents can be proud of. Living here means becoming part of a vibrant community, with all the facilities you need right on your doorstep.




Management and Ownership


Properties in The Bow Quarter are owned by two different freeholders – Little Apple Holdings Ltd and Abacus Land 1 (Prop Co 2) Ltd.



Building No of Dwellings Freeholder
Arlington 51 Little Apple Holdings Ltd
Blondin Street 19 Little Apple Holdings Ltd
Lexington 168 Little Apple Holdings Ltd
Manhattan 256 Little Apple Holdings Ltd
Moreland Cottages 13 Little Apple Holdings Ltd
Park Central 62 Abacus Land 1 (Prop Co 2) Ltd
Park East 86 Abacus Land 1 (Prop Co 2) Ltd
Park West 60 Abacus Land 1 (Prop Co 2) Ltd
Staten 18 Little Apple Holdings Ltd




Little Apple Holdings Ltd (LAH) owns the freehold to the 'factory' side of The Bow Quarter Estate, which comprises 525 flats. Nearly two thirds of the leaseholders own shares in the company, giving them a share of the freehold; anyone else wishing to do so should contact the Estate Administrator on 020 8983 1060. With a share, you have more of a say.

LAH has a Board of Directors, all of whom own apartments on the estate and act in an unpaid and completely voluntary way. The Board meets once a month and the Chairman is appointed from amongst the existing Directors.

The Board's aim is pure and simple: good and effective management of The Bow Quarter. In this they are supported by the on-site team.

The freehold of the Park Buildings (Park East, Park West and Park Central) is owned by Abacus Land (ProCo2) Ltd. the residents of Park Building recently acquired the right to manage their part of the Estate. 

As from the begining of 2015 the Estate is managed by Rendall & Rittner, under two separate contracts from LAH and the Park Buildings Right to Manage company.

The day-to-day running of the Estate is taken care of by an on-site management team, based in the Estate Office in Arlington Building.


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